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Currently I am working on producing Petals In The Dust: India's Missing Girls, a documentary film about female infanticide and feticide in India. To watch the trailers and learn more about the project, click on the icon.
Gentle Lovers, my first short film, made with the help of some of the finest talent in the San Francisco film and acting community, is a screwball comedy set in San Francisco's Sea Cliff District. Click on the icon and let the hilarity ensue.  
Trailblazing the current trend of casting absurdly young talent in lead roles, I give you Episode 1 of LA Cops: The Mean Streets. Episode 2 and 3 have been written and will be produced soon! With better graphics and younger actors!
"Vale On The Oregon Trail" - a film about my second hometown, a place that still holds the power of the Old West and the American Spirit.




Below are but a sample of all the videos I've done for the web. Click on the highlighted links to see the web videos I think best showcase my talent as a one man band video producer.

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